About The Dyslexia Center of Princeton

Parents and teachers often become aware of a child's difficulties with reading and spelling during the early school years. They sometimes "have a hunch" even before then. Dyslexic individuals are usually intelligent, and sometimes gifted. However, failure to respond to remedial instruction in reading, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary development often puzzles and frustrates parents and teachers, as well as dyslexic individuals themselves.

As the parent of a child with special needs, Margaret Tuttle—a certified teacher and Princeton University graduate—opened The Dyslexia Center of Princeton (The DCP) in 2009 to address the challenges of dyslexic children and adults. The DCP's mission encompasses:

  1. providing diagnostic dyslexia assessment for ages 7 1/2 (or second grade, first month) through adult. The DCP also assesses children as young as 6 years old (late kindergarten or first grade) for an "at risk for dyslexia" identification.

  2. offering dyslexia remediation that treats the underlying causes that were discovered through each individual's assessment while simultaneously bringing reading and spelling skills to grade level.

Studies show that The DCP's research-based, data-driven structured literacy and cognitive skills program yields an average of 16 months' reading fluency improvement in the first 6 months of therapy. Most individuals attend the program for 12 to 18 months to bring reading up to grade level.

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